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The Auxiliary is in charge of many fundraisers.

Beginning in the early days with Miss Webster’s plays, there have been many other ways the Auxiliary has raised money for the Fire Company.

From selling calendars and first aid kits for your car to running Pancake Breakfasts and Beef and Beers, activities have fallen just about everywhere in-between the two. Some of the most recent sales have included candles and wooden replicas of the original Firehouse. Horsham Day is one of their largest events, where they begin with selling the food for the fishing contest and end with selling glow necklaces before the fireworks.

The Auxiliary also sponsors many events for the Firefighters and their families. An Easter Egg hunt and a Christmas party for their children are still annual events, and they have in the past sponsored Breakfast with Santa and a Halloween party for the children. They are also on call to provide food for fire calls, when the Chief feels it is necessary to activate them. There is a phone chain in effect for these times, so they can all be notified of the need.

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