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Fire Police

Horsham Special Fire Police officers at emergency scenes wear either a white helmet or a hat with a blue visor. They can be attired in uniform, reflective vest or coveralls. They can wear gold or silver police-style badges.

The People

The members of the Horsham Special Fire Police are volunteers, as are most of the fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers.

They come from all walks of life and have a variety of backgrounds. They are your neighbors, your friends, or your co-workers. They are people who enjoy living in this community and are willing to give some of their spare time to support the emergency services of the community. Some may have experience in other areas of emergency services. However, they all share one thing….

….a desire to serve their community.

The Task

The members of the Horsham Special Fire Police are tasked with three main objectives during an emergency…

  1. Traffic Control

  2. Crowd Control

  3. Scene Security

They are there to allow the Horsham Police to return to their normal patrols in the community.

During an emergency, a Horsham Special Fire Police officer has the police authority necessary to carry out their duties. A Horsham Special Fire Police officer’s traffic signals supersede any stop signs, traffic lights or other traffic control devices. They may prosecute Violations of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code, and fines can be levied and points may be awarded.

The Horsham Special Fire Police are sometimes utilized by the Horsham Police Department during non-emergency times to augment their forces to perform traffic and crowd control duties. Local organizations can also use the Special Fire Police to provide traffic & crowd control, as well as security, during special events.

‘What can I do?’ you ask…

The following Dos and Don’ts are offered as to how to assist the Horsham Special Fire Police, as well as other Horsham emergency services personnel, in their duties.

DO yield the right-of way to oncoming and overtaking Emergency Vehicles by pulling as far to the right of the highway as possible and coming to a complete stop. This includes any ‘blue lights’ on personal cars. Although these lights are labeled as ‘courtesy” lights, they are permitted by Pennsylvania State Law and you are asked to give the people using them the ‘courtesy’ of allowing them to pass.

DO follow the traffic direction signals of the Horsham Special Fire Police at an intersection, emergency scene, or other special event.

DO keep back 500 feet from all Emergency Vehicles when they are responding to an alarm or an emergency.

When approaching a hose on the highway, DO NOT drive up to or over any fire hose except at the direction of an officer…fines can reach $100.00 for an offense and could result in the hose bursting preventing the suppression of the fire or worse, causing loss of life.

DO NOT stop to ask for information about the incident while driving by. If directions are needed, find a safe place off the road to park and then approach an officer.

DO consider volunteering some of your time to support your community as part of the Horsham Fire Company #1 in the Special Fire Police, Fire Company, Ambulance Corps, or Auxiliary units.

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